Warm Knees….

It’s not cold! I can feel the sun on my face and I have warm knees…..

So we were on our way home from an evening out, and the temperature had dropped so that it was freezing outside. I was warm in my coat but for some reason my knees were cold. ‘Let’s pretend the sun is shining and we can feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and we have warm knees!’ So we repeated this to ourselves, laughing as we quickly walked home.

How many times do we try to convince ourselves that something is true when it isn’t? This is a trivial example but what about something more significant? ‘I’m okay, I feel great!’, when you’re really exhausted and tired, or ‘This is a great bar and great music’, when you really want to be at home in bed at 9.30pm, or ‘It’s not a bad job, and the pay is decent’, when really you hate your job and feel trapped and unfulfilled, or ‘I’ll be fine, I just need a coffee’, when really you have been neglecting your health and your body is telling you that all is not well.thAXDP2A9N

What masks are you wearing today?

It’s one thing to hide the truth from other people, but to hide it from yourself? Well that’s a dangerous game.

I think I have had a number of masks in my time. Hiding physical pain to avoid pity and drawing attention to myself. Remaining in denial about my lack of a work-life balance which was slowly draining away my joy.

Well it’s time to embrace your real and inner you. It’s time to be thankful for your life. It’s time to be bold in the pursuit of happiness and take steps to change your life for the better. It’s time to silence the negative inner voice that says you can’t or you’re not good enough. Be bold. Be courageous. Be you!


Author: tessafyffe

Hi I'm Tessa Fyffe. Welcome to my page! I’m on a mission to #radiatelightandlove to the world on my journey of life! I love laughter, bringing the joy, rebounding on my Aeropilates machine, sun-salutations, meditation and just enjoying everyday life. I enjoy reading personal development books, from spiritual enlightenment to skilling-up as an online marketer. I love travelling and discovering new places and friends around the world. I also love writing and I’m taking baby steps towards crafting my book. Hooray! I have a fun and successful home based business and I help professionals create freedom by building a business online using the power of Social Media. I share videos in support of my mission, to help other professionals like me. Make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW! CONNECT with me more at www.tessafyffe.com See you on my next video!

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