Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

My sister-in-law said this to me when we last spoke, ‘Tessa, your vibe attracts your tribe!’ It really is so true! It’s so fascinating how certain people come into your life and bless you with a rich and exciting partnership, and friendship. I really do believe that you meet people for a reason, and not by coincidence.

Today I have had the privilege to accompany and support two inspiring women as they build their businesses. Each at different stages in their lives and business journeys; one single, one married with children, both full of light and love, which of course is part of my mantra and mission statement, ‘Be light & love!’


I am so excited for them, and so excited to be working with them, and the lives we can change by working together on a shared mission. I am humbled by their tenacity and single-minded focus on their goals. Both have a strong desire to help others, as do I, and have a real passion for life despite personal, family and health challenges over the years. I recognise their dancing eyes as I see them myself when I look in the mirror. There is also a deep inner strength that comes from being immersed in and triumphing over suffering, with which I can identify. These women are unmistakably immersed in an attitude of gratitude and see each day as a blessing, yet are eager to learn new skills and develop personally in order to be more effective in all areas of their lives and in turn help others to do the same.


So did I attract them? Or did they attract me? It’s very interesting isn’t it? I am already learning about life from them, and their beauty runs deep. I have no doubt that they will have great success and I will do everything I can to ensure that this happens, and that they enjoy the journey. I am so happy and grateful to have the business that I have.



Author: tessafyffe

Hi I'm Tessa Fyffe. I’m on a mission to #radiatelightandlove to the world! I Help Professionals, Who've Lost Their Passion For Their Careers, To Create Freedom, So They Can Design The Life They Choose. I share videos in support of my mission, to help other professionals like me. I love laughter, bringing the joy, rebounding on my Aeropilates machine, Meditation and just enjoying everyday life. I enjoy reading personal development books, from spiritual enlightenment to skilling-up as an online marketer. I love travelling and discovering new places and friends around the world. I also love writing and I’m taking baby steps towards crafting my book. Hooray! CONNECT with me more on my Blog Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Email: See you on my next video!

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