In True Bridget Jones’ Style

Wow ☺️am feeling accomplished in true Bridget Jones fashion! Have managed to apply my makeup on a packed commuter train whilst standing for entire 30 min journey, with unusually full backpack and handbag, freestyling to keep my balance without holding on to pole in rather unconventional wide-legged stance, like some extra-cool teenage boy on his skateboard along the Southbank. Nice added bonus of all knowing slow-motion headnods set to silent hip-hop beats received from a few other women on the train, almost like some secret sisterly sign-language, to say ‘you got this girl!’ or ‘nice work- looking good’, to which I gave a brave attempt at a similarly cool looking nod back in their direction, with an alien side grin smile and wink that could only have come from a cheesy 80s toothpaste commercial – where did that come from? Well am feeling accomplished in true Bridget Jones’ fashion- and am enjoying a good belly laugh as I replay all of this in my head, complete with groovy soundtrack and slow motion headnods. How entertaining 😂 Surely I’m not the only woman with a ‘make up on the train’ story?

#radiatelightandlove #bridgetjonesdiary #bridgetjonesbaby #thursdayhumor #enjoylifenow #makeuponthetrain #commuterlife

Author: tessafyffe

Hi I'm Tessa Fyffe. Welcome to my page! I’m on a mission to #radiatelightandlove to the world on my journey of life! I love laughter, bringing the joy, rebounding on my Aeropilates machine, sun-salutations, meditation and just enjoying everyday life. I enjoy reading personal development books, from spiritual enlightenment to skilling-up as an online marketer. I love travelling and discovering new places and friends around the world. I also love writing and I’m taking baby steps towards crafting my book. Hooray! I have a fun and successful home based business and I help professionals create freedom by building a business online using the power of Social Media. I share videos in support of my mission, to help other professionals like me. Make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW! CONNECT with me more at See you on my next video!

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