Farewell 2020. Thank You For Being A Great Teacher.

It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m in my favourite hoodie-pyjama combo, my new 2020 WFH look (apparently); dinner’s in the oven, one of my favourite vegan pies; and I’m enjoying a second glass of Prosecco (yes it’s 9pm so that’s allowed); whilst singing at the top of my voice to ‘Lonely Stranger’ by Eric Clapton (OMGoodness I love this song! Sorry neighbours, yes I know the CD is on repeat, but I’ve been such a good quiet neighbour; at least wait until track 6 ‘Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out’ until you start thinking about knocking at my door!) Anyway……… I’m feeling all this creativity bubbling up and just felt the need to write. So the oven timer has 25 minutes left so here goes…….

If I had to describe 2020 in one or two words, I would say it’s been character-building. Character-Building.

Feeling creative on New Year’s Eve

So many people seem to have nothing but negative things to focus on and recollect, but that just doesn’t sit well with me. We have all lost something, or someone, in some way. Granted, losing a dear one to Covid is not in the same category as losing a boyfriend or girlfriend due to the realities of lockdown living, or losing the ability to feel the joy of spending time with others when you’re shielding as a ‘clinically extremely vulnerable person to Covid’. Isolation is challenging, and we’ve all had that in some small way.

However, I choose to see the joy in this character-building year. I see that I have been given some lessons to learn. I only hope that I have been a good student, and improved my life in some way because of this year.

If I could use a second/third word to describe 2020, it would be gratitude. Gratitude. OMGoodness! The overwhelming feeling of being carried, guided, protected and loved brings me to tears. I’m talking about His Presence. God. In the absence of anyone else in my isolation, any physical person, His Presence has been palpable, like a heart-beat, a warm blanket around me, a feeling, a throbbing hug; sometimes it feels like a big belly laugh that fills me with laughter and a deep down feeling of joy; joy amidst the lockdown; a silent joy amidst the gloom; a feeling of hope ahead.

I’m so grateful for my life. I love my life. Warts and all. It is a gift. As Jake Ducey says in this affirmation:

I hear the oven beeping, so dinner’s ready and it’s time for me to wrap up. Eric Clapton is on his second play and I’m ready for another Prosecco top up.

I look to 2021 with excitement and hope. I am a different person now, compared to 12 months ago. I think it is even more important now, to show up and be counted; share your message; share your gifts; reach out to others; spread the joy and love; be your authentic you as I am going to be, and anticipate good things for your future by entering into this new year with the right intention.

Can you set your intention now? How would you like your 2021 to be? Who are you going to be? What brings you joy? How can you contribute? What do you have to say? Whether you know it or not, you are blessed! You have so much to give! You have something to say! You are very powerful (provided you know just how powerful you are!) Don’t let any of that go to waste because of a pervading and continuous negative outlook on life, perpetuated by the media, and people who don’t understand the damage caused by their negative, draining state of mind and energy, who persist in rolling in it like pigs in mud.

I wish you a 2021 filled with joy, peace and much love. May you be filled with good things; all those things your heart desires; proclaim them and call them to you; don’t be afraid to say them out loud and most importantly, write them down. Start being that person that you know you can be, that you dream of being!

Sending you my light and my love.

Dinner time! (I’m easily pleased)

Tessa x

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