About Tessa

Hey there, I’m Tessa Fyffe. Welcome to my world!

I’m on a mission to #radiatelightandlove to the world on my journey of life!

I love laughter, bringing the joy, rebounding on my Aeropilates machine, sun-salutations, meditation and just enjoying everyday life. I enjoy reading personal development books, from spiritual enlightenment to skilling-up as an online marketer. I love travelling and discovering new places and friends around the world. I also love writing and I’m taking baby steps towards crafting my book. Hooray!

I have a fun and successful home business and I help professionals create freedom by building a business online using the power of Social Media. I share videos in support of my mission, to help other professionals like me.

My Story

I set up my own business with the aim of seeking greater fulfilment, balance,  improved health and time freedom. You see, I’m on a quest to rediscover my passion for life.

I’ve enjoyed a varied, challenging, demanding and stimulating work life.  I married my late husband and Australian Artist, Terence, and finally admitted to myself that I felt differently about my dream corporate career, with the often long hours and rigidity of my working lifestyle at the time, not being as appealing as it once was.

I was so grateful and proud of my accomplishments, but I had to admit to myself that I had lost that fire in my belly for my legal career – I’d lost my passion. I also had a number of health challenges from birth, that seemed to be exacerbated by my choice of career. But I really didn’t believe I could to do anything else except be a lawyer. What else was there?

I knew I had acquired many transferable skills over the years, but the way forward was unclear and I lacked the confidence to take the first step. I had a sense that I had so much more to give to the world, but could never quite put my finger on what that was.

I accepted a chance invitation to hear about a business opportunity, being very open to something new. I met another lawyer with a thriving global business, using the same business model, and she became a mentor and friend. I experienced a significant and beneficial change to my health and I wasn’t expecting that!

I started what is fast becoming a truly exciting and empowering journey. I have rediscovered my passion for life and I’m having fun! I helped people as a lawyer, but now I can help people in a very different way, and it feels great! My lifestyle, wellness and mindset have all changed for the better along this journey.

I am on a mission to be a source of Joy, Happiness and Gratitude and to #radiatelightandlove

(I have a personal mission to help one million women around the world earn a monthly income of £5000 by setting up a home business, working alongside me, by 2026. Go big or go home right?)

This has been my journey, and I am enjoying taking people on my journey with me. I am a work in progress…….. but what an exciting time I’m having!

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