6 Signs You May Have Burnout

Have you been listening to your body?

Do you ever wonder whether your body is giving you all the signs and alarm bells but maybe you’ve not seen or heard them because you’re just not paying attention? You’re too busy?

Speaking for my fellow Entrepreneurs, I think it’s fair to say that in our quest to produce value and content for our audience and customers, in addition to our existing commitments, we’re not always the best at taking time out, or listening to our bodies and having some ‘non-work’ time to just stop, be still and switch off.

Would that be fair to say?

Sometimes we’re forced to stop and listen to our bodies due to illness, and then it’s like we have a valid reason to take some time off right?

Yeah, that used to be me. Waiting until my body forces me to stop before I do anything. Now I try to be more responsive to my body, but also making time for self-care. I am a work in progress!

On this video, I share ‘6 Signs You May Have Burnout’, as a way to start the conversation and get us all thinking what we can do ( or do less of) to avoid reaching that awful point of ‘Burnout’.

6 Signs You May Have Burnout http://www.tessafyffe.com

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