5 Questions To Craft Your Life Vision

There are so many great webinars and learning materials out there on how to create your life vision. Maybe after this period many people are calling the ‘Great Reset’, you feel you have changed, or your life has changed, or perhaps you just have a fresh outlook on life. It may be a good time to look again.

What a great way to start framing your life vision with these questions taken from the amazing author and success coach Brendon Burchard. I love his work and his mission. I got excited about these questions and just had to share. Enjoy!

If you’re into journalling like me, you’ll find these questions a very rich source of introspection and helpful in discerning your way forward in life. I had a revealing experience, which actually was so rich that I had to take a break and come back to it a few times.

5 Questions To Craft Your Life Vision – by Brendon Burchard

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