Wow 12 Weeks Of LOCKDOWN.. Time For A Change!

Like many of the 1.5 million people in the UK who got a letter on the 23 March 2020 with a request to self-isolate for 12 weeks due to COVID-19, outside of working the day job remotely, I have been keeping myself occupied at home. On this video I share what drives me to continue to build and have fun with my home business. In my humble opinion, during this remarkably unique time, that some refer to as ‘The Great Reset’, it is a perfect time to start a side business for yourself, and build it by leveraging Social Media ‘correctly’, and fitting it in around your existing commitments.

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Do You Believe In You?

You are unique. You have a beautiful power within in you. So why don’t you believe in yourself?

Perhaps there are times when you just don’t feel strong enough, or pretty enough, or slim enough or clever enough…..and this ‘feeling’ stops you from making any progress along the path to where you would like your life to be. I know, really I do.  Well, borrow my belief in you for a moment. You are a remarkable human being with a capacity to love the whole world if you want to. Underneath that worn out slightly battered exterior, battered by the daily challenges of life, you are light and joy and full of kindness. You have an ability to connect with other human beings in a way that no one else can copy – your smile, your laugh, your ways of being you. As you start to appreciate yourself again in the little things you do each day, be grateful for your life. Let your gratitude be like a glass of sparkling water bubbling up in bursts and spurts and bubbling over and out of the glass onto the table! Be overflowing in gratitude for your life, and you will start to ‘grow’ your belief in yourself once again.


You see as you develop and grow your belief in yourself, you start to build your armour against fear. Fear is like the cowardly thief in the night that swoops in and steals your dreams, your hopes, your plans and your goals. Last week I learnt from the amazing Dr Tom Barrett that there are two realities about fear: the fear of growing, and the fear of not growing.

In the context of following your dreams in the form of a side project or a business, the fear of growing may involve your fear of being laughed at; being taken seriously; knowing what to say or how to answer questions. All equally cringeworthy (!) but all surmountable obstacles by simply learning and practising new skills.

The fear of not growing however is far worse. It may mean that you will always have more month than money; you remain unfulfilled in a job that you dislike and is draining your passion for life; you’re not ready for retirement; and your dreams are never ever realised. The fear of not growing sounds far worse to me: what do you think?

So if one of the main reasons why you are not taking that first step to change your life is that you just don’t believe you can, perhaps you’d like to start growing your belief in you today?


The Freedom To Choose

What is it about choice and freedom that we crave so much? Is it because for many of us ‘choice’ means ‘control’? And we want to have more control over the direction of our lives? Perhaps. Could it be that freedom and choice are yardsticks for success in many western countries, and something that we would wish for our children and young people as they journey in life? Well you might say that freedom and choice are fundamental rights that should be protected and respected? I think of young girls and women who find themselves being exploited, trafficked or married before puberty. I think of children born into poverty, with no opportunity to go to school and have to work in child labour to earn something, however small for the family to eat. I think of children who are homeless and living on the streets, and those without parents or significant people to offer love and support unconditionally. Of course in a spiritual sense, it could be said that freedom and choice is misunderstood, and true freedom comes from choosing to submit and surrender one’s life to our Maker, who’s love and guidance will ultimately lead us to find and achieve our truest purpose and innermost desires which actually is what we secretly wanted all along, but we just couldn’t recognise or articulate it. So what is my message today? Well, I’m not sure. Yes I know that a 300 word blog is not necessarily the best place to get all deep and meaningful…. but this is on my mind and I want to reflect on the fact that many of us have such rich and abundant lives with an untapped power within us to do amazing and awesome things; to impact the world one life at a time and one day at a time. How will you choose to live your life?  What are you going to bring to the table? How will you choose to present the Gift that you are to the world? Can you feel the greatness within you? Can you choose to do what you love trusting that this is often a step in the right direction towards finding that greatness within you? Can you take the next step towards doing what you love? Life is a journey and you can choose your next step. I am excited to be sharing my journey with you. Will you share your journey with me?  Tessa Fyffe set up Tessa Fyffe Global to help people set up their own part-time or full-time home-based business, so they can choose how to spend their time and truly feel better about their lives everyday. Looking for a positive change in your life? Contact Tessa here to schedule an information session, and find out if this is a fit for you. or text +44 7977 501212